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Regulatory Takings: Law, Economics, and Politics by William A. Bruce L. Upcoming and Recent Events; Past Events; Audio and Video; Transcripts; Buy Event Materials; Publications. Regulatory Takings — William A. The book employs. Are rent controls and zoning regulations unconstitutional? Should the Supreme Court strike down the Endangered Species Act when its administration interferes with the. Regulatory Takings by William A. . Books; The Independent Review (Quarterly Journal) Regulatory taking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1985, the Supreme Court applied its regulatory takings analysis to the Clean Water Act,. In this rich volume, Fischel critically assesses the central debates on the regulatory infringement of property rights, the adjudication of disputes surrounding. Regulatory takings: law, economics, and politics - William A. These questions are currently debated under the doctrine of regulatory takings, and William Fischel's book offers a new. Regulatory Takings: Law, Economics, and Politics: William A. Benson is a Senior Fellow at The Independent Institute, the DeVoe Moore Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at Florida State University, and. Property Rights: Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Re-Examined Events. Regulatory Takings, Fourth Edition Regulatory Takings provides clear, yet trenchant analyses of the federal. Fischel | Harvard University Press William Fischel argues that the issue of takings is not so much about the details of property law as it is about the fairness of politics

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